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Update from OnLink - Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan - July 03, 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Short update about the situation in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan by July 03, 2020.


  • There was voting about the constitution amendments on the 1st of July. Now as this is over, we are expecting some additional updates and information on the measures, which includes borders opening.

  • Borders opening information is still not clear and there is conflicting information varying from mid-July to the autumn period (?)

  • Travel companies started selling the Sochi region (South of Russia) that opened for domestic tourists on 21 of June. Crimea, another beach destination has opened as of 1st of July. Though many agents noted that they prefer to sell international destinations and will wait for borders opening


  • Since the 1st of July, Ukrainians can now travel internationally to 5 countries: Turkey, Egypt, Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro. We are waiting for more countries in that list in the middle of the month (UAE, Maldives...)


  • After lifting several restrictions, the country now is back on strict quarantine due to the high number of cases and hospitals overload


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