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Супер комбинация спецпредложений от JA Manafaru, Мальдивы на весну-лето 2017

Дети до 15.9 лет отдыхают бесплатно на BB, HB и ALL


35%, 40%, 45% скидка на проживание (BB тарифы)


Сниженные тарифы на внутренний перелет

Период проживания: 01 апреля -30 сентября 2017

▶ 35 % скидка на проживание - Beach Bungalow with Private Pool

Sunrise Water Villa with Private Infinity Pool Sunset Water Villa with Private Infinity Pool

▶ 40 % скидка на проживание - 1-Bedroom Beach Suite with Private Pool

▶ 45 % скидка на проживание - Grand Water 2-Bedroom Suite with Private Pool

Royal Island 2-Bedroom Suite with Private Pools

Royal Island 3-Bedroom Suite with Private Pools

✈ Сниженные тарифы на внутренний перелет:

595$ (налоги и таксы включены)- взрослый - Мале - Манафру - Мале

495$ (налоги и таксы включены) - ребенок (12-15.9 лет) - Мале - Манафру - Мале

395$ (налоги и таксы включены)- ребенок ( 03-11.9 лет) - Мале - Манафру - Мале


- Above 35%, 40% & 45% Discount offers apply only on BB rates, including extra Adult BB supplement (as per the maximum villa occupancy).

- Kids Go Free up to 15.9 years in all villa types on the same meal plan as booked by parents ( BB,HB & AI) as per maximum occupancy.

- Reduces Seaplane Transfers:

* USD 595 net per adult per return trip

* USD 495 net per child per return trip ( from 12-15.9 years)

* USD 395 net per child per return trip ( from 03-11.9 years)

- Above Seaplane transfers should not be marked up unless packaged

- Offer is valid for Russia & CIS markets only

- Green Tax is charged additional at $6 per person per night.

- All current Stop Sales and future Stop Sales that might be issued will apply.

- The hotel reserves the right to cancel the validity of this promotion and replace it with another.

- All other terms and conditions remain as per the 2017/18 FIT agreement.

- Please send all reservation requests to

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